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Weight Loss- 4 tips for Functional Eating

November 20, 2017

What is functional eating? Eating to Live, not Living to Eat.  You are in control of how  you feel. Sick and tired of being sick and tired?  No one can make you happy, sad or glad, only you can. Life will continue to happen, so how will you "respond, instead of react"? 




Consider functional eating.  Picking your food to suit your life.  Fuel your body with only the best.  This just in.....all calories are not equal. 


Would you put cheap gas in your car?  Why put cheap food in your body?


Try these four tips. 

1.  Think about the origin of the food. Is your food from the earth?

2. The color of the food. Your plate should be colorful. 

3. Quantity,  if you are reading this you are probably pretty blessed,  so you don't have to eat it all at once.

4.  Purchase consciously, generally people will pray over their prepared meals. Why not pray before the purchase of the food, to make the wholesome choice for you and your family. 


www.crystalwaltman.com for meal plans, workout, and support. 

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