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Weight Loss - 7 Tips for Thanksgiving

November 16, 2017

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7 ways not to gain weight over Thanksgiving



Traditionally Thanksgiving is known for over eating.  Try these tips and tricks to stay emotionally sober during the holidays.


  1. Pre-Turkey burn, go to the gym with your family and enjoy yourself. There are 5k Turkey, trot. Take a yoga class.

  2. Drink plenty of water.  With the cooler weather stay hydrate. Water will help the elimination process and keep you regular.

  3. Portion control - check out the buffet before making choices. Use a smaller plate. Give yourself some grace and try everything, eat nothing. Stop before you are full.

  4. Liquid including alcohol counts as calories, don’t drink anything you cannot see thru.  Ex. Creamy drink, Count all your calories even the liquid.

  5. Don’t wear stretch pants.

  6. Plan on food prepping. Change the mind set about leftovers. Think of it as food prep.  That way you can enjoy your favorites in small dose, as your cheat meal over the next 3 weekends.  Frozen food can last for 3 weeks.  If you know you will have more of something, you are less likely to stuff yourself with it.  

  7. Post Turkey Burn – Enjoy the family take a walk and talk and bring the dog.  We enjoy walking around Zoo Lights or walking around the block. 


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