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Yoga For Weight Loss. Yoga, the original HIIT

November 7, 2017


The exercise buzz word trending right now is HIIT. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. 


The Bikram yoga series - 26 postures and two breathing exercises - is measurable. You are never to sick, to old or too late to start Bikram yoga. Bikram is for every beginner. 


Meet: HIIT yoga.




It seems like a contradiction; however hot yoga is the best no impact HIIT program out there. During the practice, one holds the first set of posture for 60 seconds, continually going deeper and deeper into the posture. This is the H in High Intensity.


After giving it your all for 60 seconds, you rest for 20 seconds. This is your Interval.  Then you do the posture again, holding for 30 seconds, pushing yourself deeper. Your heart rate will consistently rise as you will push yourself further while listening to your body. 


You can find a 60, 75 or 90 min yoga class to fit your schedule at Bikram North Scottsdale.  I would love to meet you Sunday's at 3:30 for the 60-min express Bikram Yoga.  Privates classes and weight lose meal plans are available at www.crystalwaltman.com.



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