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Are working out but not getting results? Small tweaks in your plan can have a big impact. 


Are you just getting started, and have had never had a trainer before? 


Cannot afford a trainer, and don’t have the time to schedule set weekly appointments.


The Crystal Clear Fit Mobile App is for you.


What used to cost $600 a month to see Crystal and get all the secrets of how to “live lean” is now is only $99 a month, and everything is at your fingertips. 


12-weeks is recommended for a physical transformation and then an easy-to-follow maintenance plan to maintain your new you.


Custom Nutrition & Workouts:


Lose Weight


Build Muscle





  • Weekly phone call or Skype Check-ins.

  • Videos of each exercise.

  • Workout can be done at home or gym.

Nutrition Plans Available:




Gluten Free


Lactose Free


Teen Friendly


Protein Focused


All meal plans are balanced custom for your body type and needs.

Work outs and meal plans delivered via Crystal Clear Mobile Fit App             

Why Crystal?                                                                                            

I'm Crystal Waltman, I started Crystal Clear to take the mystery out of how to truly have a healthier you and a better quality of life. When you put your health first, your life becomes first class.  Most people fail simply because they really just don't understand how to work out and or how to eat properly and treat food as fuel.


This incredible mobile technology allows me to work with people, privately, no matter where you are. Grab your friends and get your custom meal plan and workout going and cheer each other on.


Why you need Crystal as your online Coach?


C. Commit to a realistic goal

O. Ongoing assessment to help monitor your success

A. Action - engage on the level that's appropriate for you and your goals

C. Check-ins - get the support and encouragement to stay consistent

H. Hold you accountable - help be true to yourself 


Get the secrets of how “Abs are made in the kitchen”.


Food can either be the best medicine or a slow poison.


Do you want to look and feel great? Do you want to be happy? It’s a choice, get started now.


 “I will believe in you until you believe in yourself. ” – Crystal Waltman