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Book Summary

A Proven Plan to Let Go of Bad Habits, Learn to Feel, and Love Yourself.   How to recognize pain from the past and move forward without being resentful or carrying regret.


Crystal’s Story  

The life she created for herself left her caged.  One day she fell to her knees and surrendered. She shares her raw stories of triumph over tragedy including sports, sobriety, and spine surgery. Crystal has been speaking for the past five years sharing her experience, strength, and hope.


She’s achieved a collegiate national championship in softball, and she has continued to coach nutrition and fitness for over 20 years but has found her calling in the Spiritual Fitness. Crystal shares her raw story along with her simple, proven plan of how to find and keep emotional sobriety.


She carries the message of HOPE to those with anxiety, depression and addiction.

Author Bio 

Title: Crystal Waltman- Athlete, Author, Speaker & Coach

Bio:  Award winning author, Health Book of the Year, Amazon Best Seller, Quitting to Win.   Crystal shares her message of faith over fear and knows the value of taking care of herself so she can be of service to others. Recovering out loud, Crystal has been speaking for the past five years sharing her experience, strength and hope.  She is a contributor to many different platforms, sobriety, fitness, and nutrition and offers online courses.

Crystal is fourth-generation Arizonian resident and a graduate of Arizona State University. She achieved a collegiate softball scholarship and was part of a national championship winning team. Crystal can be found in the fresh air under the Arizona sun, either between the lines of a softball diamond or hiking a summit with her loving husband and daughter.

Sample Interview Questions 

In 60 seconds, what is Quitting to Win about?

Why did you write this book?

What can the readers take away from this book? 

What is the cost for people who are stuck, and don’t know how to take the first step?  

What is the Quitting to Win Movement about?

How did it feel winning two awards for your first book?

Author Headshot & Book Cover



The Book Trailer - Quitting To Win

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Sample Chapter - Chapter 1

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