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#1 Health Book of The Year!

Author Elite Award -2020


I'm sharing my raw stories of tragedy and triumph, along with a simple proven plan of how to find and keep emotional sobriety. 


I like to spend my time in the fresh air, either between the lines of a softball diamond or hiking an Arizona summit. 


I will continue to carry a message and coach, uniquely blending nutrition and fitness. I have found my calling in Spiritual Fitness.  

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Crystal’s proven path gives you the tools you need. She is a warrior of self-care. Her raw stories, of sports, sobriety and spine surgery give all those who suffer a message of hope.

—Kary Oberbrunner

Author, Unhackable


Crystal has shown that with Jesus anything is possible. She is blessed to be able to coach and carry her message.

—Kim Dolan Leto

Author, Faith Inspired Transformation

I have watched Crystal as she has developed into the person she is today, living her best life by setting boundaries. I admire her spiritual fitness and her willingness to carry the message to others.

—Jessica Zaragoza



Having accompanied Crystal to many of her pre & post back surgery appointments, I saw her at a very painful low in her life. She used her Faith, Sobriety, and “Food as Fuel” knowledge to put herself “back” together. “Quitting to Win” is a must-read for anyone looking for a path from Pain (physical or emotional) to Peace.

   —Tammy Cozzi 

Yoga & Faith Friend


I first met Crystal during the initial stages of the writing process and watched her develop her thoughts into actions, or in other words, she WALKS the TALK. I am so proud of Crystal getting her message out to lift other women. She is a modern-day warrior of self-care, which is crucial in order to be of service to others.
Her raw stories, of sports, sobriety, and spine surgery give all of us Hope. Crystal leaves you with a feeling and belief that anything really is possible!

—Tony Mandarich
Author, My Dirty Little Secrets - Steroids, Alcohol & God
Sobriety Advocate & NFL Alumni

Connecting with Crystal completely changed the trajectory of my life. I had never met anyone sober before and it was like lightning had struck me. She had so many of the things I wanted in my life but hadn’t been able to achieve and I wondered if alcohol could be the culprit. She helped me to take the necessary action I needed to get to where I am today- the healthiest I have ever been, in a mindful space with alcohol, running my own business, happy in my relationships and the mother to a beautiful baby girl. Truly an inspiration to women everywhere and not only in the realm of health and fitness but in her generosity, beauty, determination and especially in her dedication to being an amazing mother. I am lucky to have her on my team as a friend and mentor.possible!

Candice Martina Fairorth

I’ve suffered from back pain alongside Crystal for many years. I have also suffered from severe depression that leaves me with the question, “Has the pain caused my depression, or does depression cause my pain?” To see her pain free and thriving gives hope to anyone who has struggled with chronic life-debilitating conditions. I love that Crystal shared the journey of creating her modified low impact poses with yoga and living a natural lifestyle
to manage her wellbeing without relying on medication. Her book Quitting to Win gives hope to all who suffer from back pain, alcoholism, and depression. She is a beacon of hope for me.
                                                                                                                                                                    —Dejah Hatfield
                                                                                                                                           Teammate and longtime friend

I have known Crystal for over 20 years and had a front-row seat to her journey. She is a beacon of hope to those that suffer from alcoholism/addiction.

—Annalisa Wagoner

BFF- Friend

I met Crystal well into her healing. To watch her develop her thoughts into actions has been a journey of determination fueled by a spirit of gratitude. I am so proud of Crystal for getting her message out to lift and inspire other women. She is a warrior of self-care; which is so important in order to be of service to others. Her raw stories of sports, sobriety, and spine surgery give all those who suffer, hope, and encouragement.

—Daphne V. Smith

Author, What’s YOUR Scarlet Letter


Sports are something almost all of us engaged in growing up. It creates a framework around which you can build a meaningful, joyous life. Crystal does a superb job of showing us how.

—George Fleming

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