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Quit to Win 


Winners ALWAYS Quit?


Sometimes success comes from what you don’t do.


Author Crystal Waltman knows the struggle of navigating the emotional ups and downs of life. As a college athlete, her career came to an unexpected end. She dealt with stress and pain through addiction and one day woke up to the fact that she was living a life she never wanted.


In the depths of despair, she realized she needed to quit to win. She discovered a powerful process to acknowledge the past, find joy in the present, and welcome a new future.  


Today she has a passion for helping others achieve more success in their lives. In this book you’ll discover how to:


  • Let go of the past, release the shame and guilt.

  • Learn to feel, physical and emotional pain and maintain spiritual fitness.

  • Love who you are and who you’re meant to be.


It’s time to just stop surviving and start thriving. Reorganize yourself and clear the space for a fulfilled life. Quit the bad habits and win the life you want.

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